A disused oil tank with a 25 second reverb, situated on the island Svanö in northern Sweden, has been transformed into an experimental venue for sound art and performance.



A soundart performance on the theme of water. The Tank situated in the middle of river Ångermanälven was filled with different kind of water objects, collected recorded sounds from the river and instruments played in water and hydrophones taking up the most fragile movements in the moving water bodies. Lee Berwick (electronics), Mikael Öberg (percussion), Björn Ola Lind (sound sculpture, voice), Daniel Nilsson (water music)


A windharp was built on the roof of the tank. 7 strings played by the wind was transmitted into the inside and 7 musciscians improvised 7 different pieces of music to an audience which was laying down at the floor. Each piece of music was also inspired of the energy of 7 different wind godesses and gods.

Lee Berwick (electronics), Maria Bervelius (voice), Mikael Öberg (percussion), Björn Ola Lind (voice, percussion), OutputArts (harp builders), Daniel Nilsson (saxophone).


A festival, in midsummer 2008 at the Cistern at Svanö. The festival had 33 different artists and moved in the borders between modern dance, performance, soundart and traditionel culture from Greenland, Sápmi and different parts of Africa.


We want the Cistern to be an experimental artlab for soundart and visuals. It could as well be a recording studio as a performance scene or a ritual space for trance experiences

Yearly performances 

Creative meeting piont

Recording studio for film and audio,photo

Studio for performance

Possible to rent for workshops,concerts,recordings etc

The group INNER EAR

Ambition to connect the tank with other tankspaces around the world

Do not hesitate if you get any ideas including a Tank with 25 sec delay...